10-Year-Old Japanese Skateboard Prodigy Wins 2nd in World Freestyle Round-Up Competition

Meet Yuzuki Kawasaki, a 10-year-old Japanese prodigy who is making a lot of jaws drop with his freestyle skateboarding tricks.

Yuzuki, who lives in Uji, Japan has been a skateboarder for five years, according to World Round-Up.
The fifth-grade student at Kitamakishima Elementary School became interested in the sport when he met one of Japan’s top professional freestyle skaters, Isamu Yamamoto.

After teaching him the “walk the dog” trick, Yuzuki continued to skate with Isamu and the two eventually became like brothers.

The boy then tried to learn the Coconut Wheelie, which is considered one of the hardest tricks to do. Accomplishing the trick made Yuzuki want to continue skating.

Yuzuki also listed down some of his other professional idols including Yuta Kikuchi, Mitsuhiro Yasumoto, Masanori Yoshida, and his mentor Toshiaki Fujii.

The 10-year-old takes his skating very seriously. Yuzuki said that he always tries to practice at least an hour and a half during weekdays, and on the weekends and holidays he practices all day.

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