5 safest cities for women in the world

Women are the ones who are most troubled by safety before going anywhere. Many news are heard where woman are raped, become the victim of violence, murder and kidnapping in the cities in day light. But there are some cities and countries in the world where there is full preparation of safety and female tourists can travel there relaxed without being scared. According to International Women Travel centre these are the 5 places where woman can travel freely even if it is day or night.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland:

In the list made by taking the sexual violence and misbehaviour on women a medium on world peace indicator, Reykjavik of European country Iceland is the safest place for women in the word. Female tourists can feel safe in the city and tour the place in a very fun way. The tour of here is fully entertaining and safe.

2. Tokyo, Japan:

The second safest place for female tourists is Tokyo. There is an additional facility except female security in Tokyo, i.e. crying room. In the room woman can cry freely. There are many entertaining place in Tokyo too.

3. Toronto, Canada:

Toronto is the safest destination for women who love to eat. Toronto which is the 3rd safest places for woman is also the safest place in America. In this city, dishes from all over the world can be tried.

4. Seoul, South Korea:

Seoul is the fourth most safest destination for women. May be no trip of female would be complete without a spa which can be filled in Seoul. Seoul is among the 25 most safest cities in the world.

5. New York, America:

New York is also the city that is the 1st choice for celebrities. It is the safest city of America. This city is ready for service of any type of woman who are culture lovers, food lovers or even fashion lovers.