50-Year-Old Japanese Woman Stuns with Impressive High School Anime Cosplay

Yet another proof of the modern adage “Asian Don’t Raisin” — a 50-year-old female Japanese cosplayer is winning hearts online for her age-defying high school anime cosplay.

Sayuri Ozaki recently showcased an amazing cosplay featuring the character Kotori Minami from the “Love Live!” Franchise on her Instagram account katsumisayuri_sayuri.

Despite the 34-year age gap, Ozaki’s natural youthful appearance complemented her Kotori outfit quite well.
According to Japaninformer, the rising social media star just turned 50 last month.

A comedian by profession, Ozaki is part of the husband-and-wife comedy duo Sayuri Katsumi along with her husband Katsumi Taihei.

Of course, she looks equally stunning in her other outfits.

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