7 Dogs Before And After Japanese Grooming (New Pics)

I’m an animal photographer, and these images are from my photo series titled HAIRY. I originally posted 8 dogs here on Bored Panda in 2016. I’ve since expanded the series, spending three months photographing 30+ more dogs before and after their grooming sessions. Here are seven new dogs.

All the dogs have been groomed in a Japanese style. Japanese dog grooming does not follow the rules of traditional, breed-standard grooming. In fact, the dog groomers have one mission ― to bring out the dogs’ individual personalities and make them look as adorable as possible! With extreme attention to detail and careful consideration of a pup’s best attributes, Japanese pet groomers and salons achieve the perfect transformations by forgetting the uniform looks and getting creative.

The dogs in the series were groomed by the incredibly talented groomers from Healthy Spot in Los Angeles, CA. Many of the groomers there specialize in this Japanese fashion style of cut and have been trained by Japanese masters.

The series is now available in a book called Puppy Styled, available on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere. I hope you enjoy!
Herman Before

Herman After

Bowie Before

Bowie After

Messi Before

Messi After

Buddy Before

Buddy After

Nala Before

Nala After

Bella Before

Bella After

Calvin Before

Calvin After

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