Adorable chibi-cigarette doll unites smokers and non-smokers with cuteness

No matter how much you like smoking, you probably haven’t found yourself wanting to hug and cuddle your cigarettes. Japanese stuffed animal and trinket artist aska (@tick_n_tack) may have something to change your mind!

The miniature doll maker has crafted this adorable fluffy smoking cigarette than will even charm non-smokers.

The happy-go-lucky cigarette, who is affectionately being called “Tobacco-kun”, doesn’t seem at all worried that his body might be on the line given that he is currently emitting smoke given his cute wide grin and googly eyes. He’s even got a friend in this non-smoking sign “bed”.

Cigarettes aren’t the only inanimate objects aska can turn into adorable dolls, however. In the past the talented artist has done the same with these awesome takes on traffic cones, coastal tetrapods, and factory chimmeys.

The cigarette stuffed “animal” isn’t actually a commercial product, but for use at personal exhibits. You can find more cute and surprising dolls by following aska on Twitter!

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