Adorable pink Kirby makeup line hitting Japanese convenience stores this spring

From Pokemon to Super Mario, you can find all kinds of adorable makeup collections in Japan, with packaging and colours inspired by famous video game characters.

A particular favourite is Kirby, and the round adorable protagonist has already offered his likeness to a clothing line recently, in collaboration with converse. Now he’s heading to your makeup bag too, and this new collection brings the character’s cute and pink world to some colourful cosmetics.

The lineup was created by cosmetics brand Lovisia and includes lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and a mirror.

The lipsticks come in three pink shades perfect for spring. There’s beige pink for a casual look, or coral pink or rose pink depending on what kind of tone you go for.
Each one has an individual design and there’s even a cute Kirby face etched into the lipstick itself.

Stars are a main motif in the game series and these adorable palettes have star shaped mirrors and eyeshadows, which come in a range of wearable peachy and brown shades as well as some more colourful additions inspired by Kirby’s hues.

Each one has a different Kirby-featuring design on the palette lid and eight eyeshadows.
And to help you apply these Kirby-inspired cosmetics, you can also grab a handy Kirby-shaped mirror.

The lineup will be available in various Japanese stores such as Its’Demo and Village Vanguard. With current events, make up shopping may not be a priority, but this new collection can actually be picked up in the convenience store Lawson if you happen to be in there.

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