Cat falls in love with look-alike plushie toy

If you ever come across your doppelganger in the flesh, you’re more than likely to have a big shock, but how do you react if your look-alike is made of plushie fluff?

Show it some love, with a cuddle of course!
Marilyn is a cat living with 3 other feline friends and her owner, junjun (@junjun25253939). One day her owner found a plushie toy which looks not too dissimilar from Marilyn, and decided to give the toy to her.

Expecting Marilyn to attack the teddy, he was shocked when he found her snuggling up to it in the most adorable way.
@junjun25253939 says the toy’s eyes reminded him of Marilyn’s striking, yet charming glare, and that he had to purchase it to give it to her.
Marilyn seems to really enjoy sleeping with her newfound friend, however, her love is not just for one, as she has opened up her heart to a second plushie toy.

“How lovely” @XLWNQFY9XRPEQuG
“This is irresistible, it’s too cute to look at. Just like a baby, it’s a picture you should cherish forever!” @milktea_neco
“*I sigh*…so cute!” @pontaline

junjun says that at first he believed Marilyn would bite the toys, but now it seems the two are inseparable. When a plushie looks as cute as Marilyn, wouldn’t you fall in love too?

Image Credit: junjun25253939
Article Credit: Grapee.Jp

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