Cats purr as Demon Slayer characters in gorgeous cosplay photo shoots

Adorable cat cosplay is certainly nothing new, but Japanese Twitter user and cosplay enthusiast Yagyou (@YagyouNEKO) takes things to the next level with beautiful photo shoots that make it appear as if the feline cosplayers are posing in the world of their respective anime. You may remember some of his charming Studio Ghibli cat cosplay photos.

Yagyou, who lives in Tokushima prefecture, takes advantage of local shrines, bridges, and rich nature colored by the seasons to provide beautiful backdrops for the cosplaying cats. Yagyou’s latest shoots bring the colorful cast of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba–as kitty Hashira!

With photos taken on temple pilgrimages an set to the backdrop of sakura, hydrangea, and gorgeous Japanese fall leaves, Yagyou is able to take some really great photography that capture’s the feeling of Demon Slayer’s Taisho-era Japan, along with some really cute cats! For more awesome cat cosplay and photography, be sure to follow Yagyou on Twitter. Here are some highlights of cats as Demon Slayer characters.

It also looks like Yagyou won’t be running out of costumes anytime soon!

Photo Credit: YagyouNEKO
Article Credit: Grapee.Jp

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