Cherry blossom-flavored tacos are a unique addition to Japan’s spring-themed dishes

When you watched of tacos, you may think about the everyday tortilla dish filled with a combination of meat and vegetables, however Taco Fanatico in Nakameguro, Tokyo has something distinctive in thoughts this spring.

The taco specialty restaurant serves all varieties of Mexican dishes to complement their choice of tacos. This March, however, they’re having a cherry blossom-flavored dessert taco as well, that’s a sweet addition to the normally highly spiced and savory dishes on their menu.

The sakura taco, as it’s called, has an outside made out of beetroot-coloured corn tortilla wrapped in a salted cherry leaf. The filling is a combination of candy and salty, with matcha cream, sweet red bean paste and salted cherry blossom flowers.

Priced at 480 yen each, this dessert taco will best be to be had from March 1st to mid-April 2020, so if you need to try a distinctive form of dessert inspired by way of Japan’s iconic pink flowers, this is the best season to do so.

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