Clay artist crafts Inteleon figure to be their Pokémon cup ramen assistant

If you were told that Inteleon was going to help you cook your instant ramen somehow, you might imagine that the water-type Pokémon would be at the very least, filling your cup. Japanese clay artist and YouTuber Nendozaiker SNAIL (@nendo_snail) thought of a more creative way, however, by crafting their very own Inteleon figure to casually hold down the lid of a Cup Noodle while it cooks.

The artist shared the awesome Pokémon noodle assistant on Twitter, complete with a miniature hour (well, in this case, minute) glass. The homemade Inteleon figure is casually holding the lid with down while striking a pose.

Of course, Inteleon can keep the ramen lid shut in other ways!

The talented artist also provided a video guide on how they crafted the Inteleon to serve its purpose out of polymer clay.

For more amazing creations, be sure to check out Nendozaiker SNAIL on Twitter and YouTube

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