Domino’s Japan Wants You To Use Chopsticks For New Overflow Series Pizza

Domino’s is the most popular pizza delivery service in Japan with the highest sales, the largest stores, and the most inventive deals in the business.

Always exploring new ways to get ahead of the pack, Domino’s has come out with a new and innovative idea that will make us crave pizza, and this time, it’s pizza that is ideal for eating by using chopsticks.

Before we tackle the inevitable question’ how do you eat pizza using chopsticks?’, let’s examine the reason behind it. According to Domino’s, their new pizzas, which they call Ura Domino’s/Overflow Series,” come with toppings you’ll need chopsticks to prevent them from falling out of the pizza as you eat.

Dominos Japan New Overflow Series Pizza

Overflow Quattro with Meat and Vegetables (Image: Dominos)

How sluggish is a pizza enough to be able to justify the use of chopsticks? According to the company, the pizzas carry a hefty amount of toppings six times more than the average toppings and cover the favorites customers have chosen in an earlier survey.

Dominos Japan New Overflow Series Pizza

4 Overflow Meat Quattro (Image: Dominos)

Now that we’ve explained the reasoning behind the latest chopsticks recommendation and the pizzas involved let’s see how. It’s not a precise science; however, based on this Domino’s image, the possibility is to use chopsticks for pushing the food items back on your pizza while you take it away from the pizza.

Dominos Japan New Overflow Series Pizza

Overflow Italian Sausage (Image: Dominos)

Additionally, you can use the chopsticks to grab any toppings that spill so that you won’t “get flustered” if they somehow fall off. The chopsticks have the Domino’s logo for the occasion that you must justify your preference of food utensils to anyone who asks questions about it.

Dominos Japan New Overflow Series Pizza

Overflow Arabiki Sausage (Image: Dominos)

There are a total of 8 different pizzas available for your taste buds to enjoy. These all are available for order on Domino’s JP website, with delivery and pickup.


Source: Domino’s Pizza JapanPR Times

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