Flyers From Cancelled Events Make Up New Art Installation In Tokyo

Museums and libraries are generally the best places to look for articles and brochures to get information on the locality events. However, the pandemic has led the majority of these events to be canceled.

Tokyo art

Hence The National Art Centre, Tokyo (NACT) has a big pile of these flyers. But the NACT decided to do something clever with it.

They hired a London-based architectural studio, “Pan Project,” to create an art installation visible at the reception of the building. The installation is called “The Matter Of Facts” and is the work of Yuriko Yagi and Kazumasa Takada. They are the minds behind the Pan Project.

Tokyo Art Installations

This artwork hopes to reflect the effect of the pandemic as a reality check. The installation includes pamphlets and brochures from places around Tokyo. However, this whole installation is not only the work of Pan Projects.

A couple of small companies such as Lighting Robots Factory and Accamplish were brought in to do lighting work and additional support for the installation. The shape of the installation was looked after by Yohei Tomioka and Takayuki Fujimoto, who are structural engineers by profession.

Flyer Art

This piece of art will always be there to remind us in the future that we got through a horrible pandemic. Anything could happen that’ll disrupt our lifestyle in an unthinkable way.

Tokyo Art


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