Freezing Japanese Guy Uses A Sweater To Turn Himself Into A Turkey

Japanese blogger Mr. Sebuyama of has come up with with an ingenious and thrifty, if a bit strange, way of weathering the cold winter.
The winter in Japan has been especially cold this year, and Sebuyama say’s he doesn’t have money for warm clothes. So he decided to put on a sweater – and nothing else. Turns out that you can wear a sweater over your entire body, provided that you’re willing to look like a walking plucked chicken.

In these pictures, he demonstrates how to get dressed. He starts by using a computer, but things get really wild when he goes out for a barefoot stroll. Mr. Sebuyama’s comfort, despite the fact that there is still snow on the ground in places, only serves to illustrate just how warm the sweater outfit truly is. Or that he’s nuts – we’re not sure which.












Source: (via: japanalyst)

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