Japan Invents New Blanket That Promises Better Sleep with ‘Tentacles’

A Japanese firm has just unveiled a strange new blanket that resembles a favorite local noodle type.

The Udon for Sleeping blanket, created by Kyoto-based Golden Field, aims to provide its users with a sound night’s sleep with the help of its gigantic noodle strands. As its name suggests, the tentacled sheet is inspired by the popular thick noodles from Japan.

According to Soranews24, the company behind it knows a thing or two about comfortable sleeping as it also manages a massage parlor chain that specializes in sleep-inducing head massages.

Setting out to create a blanket that promotes better sleeping had Golden Field considering a radical idea they came up with while the designers were out enjoying a meal.

One of the designers was looking at a plate of udon noodles when the idea came to mind, that a grid of blanket “noodles” would allow better comfort and heat distribution than a solid rectangular blanket that simply locks one into a configuration.

To get the desired warmth, the Udon for Sleeping blanket is meant to be paired with a mesh top cover. The spaces between the strands provide some breathing space and additional support for your arms, legs, or an extra pillow to hug. Such a set-up creates the optimal condition that keeps its user warm but also cool enough so that one does not wake up sweaty in the middle of the night.

The Udon for Sleeping blanket has become an instant hit with its initial batch of pre-order models being sold out almost immediately. Priced at 16,800 yen ($156) each, the special blankets are now officially available for purchase.

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