Japan Ready to Declare State Emergency lasting for a Month

Tokyo: Inorder to stop the crisis created by COVID-19, Japanese PM is going to declare State Emergency of about a month. More than 3,500 people tested +ve for Corona virus in Japan and 85 have died. Not a huge outbreak compared with some hot spots, but the numbers keep rising with particular alarm over the spread in Tokyo which has more than 1,000 cases, including 83 new ones on Monday.

An emergency, which Abe said would last about a month, will give governors authority to call on people to stay at home and businesses to close, but not to order the kind of lockdowns seen in other countries. In most cases, there are no penalties for ignoring requests, and enforcement will rely more on peer pressure and respect for authority.

Pressure had been mounting on the government to take the step although Abe has voiced concern about being too hasty, given the restrictions on movement and businesses that would ensue.

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