Japanese Artist Layers 100s Of Photos Taken Over Time To Produce Stunning Multidimensional Landscapes

Japanese visual artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi doesn’t believe that time can be grasped, but with his latest exhibition, he does a spectacular job of showing us what it might look like if we could capture it in the palms of our hands.

The project is called Layer Drawings, though the phrase ‘drawings’ is used only conceptually here. Nakanishi actually composes the display by transferring hundreds of photos, taken at various time intervals, to square-shaped acrylic panels. When viewed from the right angle, the images appear to slowly fade into each other before vanishing altogether into a final blur. One can see the passage of time as a whole, as well as pinpoint each individual moment of its progression.

“Capturing the accumulation of time as a sculpture allows the viewer to experience the ephemerality of time,” Nakanishi writes on his official website. “We are all subject to the passing of time, yet each of us feels and perceives it in our own way… In this series, I attempt to depict time and space as sensations shared by both viewer and artist.” Layer Drawings was most recently shown in December of 2016, at the Islamic Art Festival in Sharjah, UAE. Experience it for yourself below, and lose yourself in the feeling of interacting with time itself.








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Article Source: Boredpanda

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