Japanese Bakery Makes Cat-Shaped Breads And They’re Just Too Adorable

Most people have quite diverse preferences when it comes to taste. The perception of taste is something completely subjective and opinion-based; therefore, there can be no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to taste preferences. As the ancient Roman saying goes, there can be no disputes in matters of taste. However, some would argue that aesthetics can add to any dish and make it not only pleasing to the eye, but also more appetizing.

Japanese bakery Neko Neko Shokupan must definitely agree with that, since they figured they’d elevate simple, traditional white bread by making it cat-shaped. And while going to Japan to taste it might be temporarily impossible due to the coronavirus pandemic, it could make a perfect quarantine DIY, so scroll down to the end of the post for the recipe.
Baking bread has become a new challenge and somewhat of a perfect quarantine pastime for a lot of people

While baking bread has always been a good idea, it seems that people have also figured out baking bread is a perfect way to pass time during the quarantine. While we certainly can’t argue with that, we can offer you an unbelievably adorable baking project.
After all, who can resist a home-made loaf of sourdough, focaccia or… cat-shaped Japanese white bread

These adorable loaves are made by Japanese bakery NekoNeko Shokupan

This cat-shaped bread by Neko Neko Shokupan is the perfect inspiration for your next baking session. Since the Japanese bakery only sells their adorable loaves online in Japan, why not roll up your sleeves and try baking it yourself? We have a perfect recipe for that at the end of the post.
The name of the bakery literally translates to Cat Cat Bread—very appropriate

They are now selling various flavored loaves online

Chef Peter Sidwell offers some tips for people baking bread for the first time. He suggests it’s always better to use bread flour. “Bread flour is sometimes described as strong flour as there is a higher protein level in the flour. This means more gluten, so when you knead the bread, the dough becomes stretchy and that will help hold the air inside when it is left to rise,” he says.
While they only ship within Japan, their Instagram may serve as the perfect inspiration for your own project

He also says it’s best to avoid adding flour when kneading: “When kneading the bread, it is really important to avoid adding any additional flour if possible, as the more flour you add, the tighter the dough will become and you will end up with a dough that cant expand and rise due to the amount of flour.”
You can try following the video recipe at the end of this post to make your own bread

If plain white bread is not your cup of tea, you can spice it up just like Neko Neko Shokupan’s

Try adding red beans, cheese, or chocolate to your loaf of shokupan

You can also add various berries

Twist it up a little more by using flavored milk instead of plain

Try adding strawberry or chocolate milk into your recipe for more flavor and color

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