Japanese Company Creates Oversized Backpacks So Large a Grown Person Can Fit Inside

Japanese design studio CWF has created the “Backpacker’s Closet”, a backpack so large it can literally be used a closet or even to carry a grown person around.

Measuring 100 cm in length by 68 cm in width, the Backpacker’s Closet features a maximum holding capacity of 180 liters (48 gallons), making it ideal for carrying a young adult. And if you’re worried about the shoulder straps snapping under the weight, don’t be, as this accessory is not only designed to withstand the advertised maximum weight, but also features padding and an extra middle strap to reduce stress on the wearer’s back and shoulders.

On online retailer Plywood’s website, the Backpacker’s Closet is described as “indispensable for outdoors, carrying heavy gears and bringing in a large number of ingredients to the camp site.” However, as shown in one of the promotional photos, the giant backpack can also used indoors, as an actual closet.

The guys at SoraNews24 actually put it to the test by having one of their writers climb inside and another hoist him up on his back and give him a ride around the office. The Backpacker’s Closet reportedly held up surprisingly well.

The oversized backpack is obviously considerably pricier than most standard backpacks, selling for around 26,000 yen ($230) plus shipping. Nevertheless, they’ve been selling like hotcakes, with the ‘sandal beige’ variant already being sold out.

I guess those realistic snake-skin stockings already have some competition for the title of Japan’s bizarre accessory of 2019.

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