Japanese Company Lets You Register Marriage With 3D Waifus And Even Pays You Allowance For Doing So!

We know that the whole world, especially the Japanese are amazed by their animes, and many followers watch them regularly like real-life celebrities. The Tokyo-based tech company Gatebox Lab is capitalizing on this sentiment by launching an innovative recruiting campaign.

It seems that they are so eager to recruit new employees who are enthralled by anime that they’re prepared to provide them with an annual stipend if they are married to their anime partners.

According to the entertainment news website Nico Nico News not just will Gatebox Lab recognize their employees for their virtual marriages, The company will pay its workers Y=5,000 (~S$60) each month, on top of their salary.

Japanese Man actually marrying a virtual character and had a wedding

It’s not even the best part. Employees also get the day off on their virtual spouse’s birthday. An option that’s not offered to the majority of Japanese employees with real-life spouses.

If you’re didn’t know, yes, popular anime characters in Japan come with their official birthdays, which fans commemorate each year.

All you have to do to register your marriage with your virtual waifu is head to the company’s website and fill one of these four forms. The four forms contain the same information but feature different themes! One is the usual plain form, while others feature futuristic, European, and Japanese styles.

Filling out the form is relatively easy. You need to answer some simple questions like when you met your first virtual love, the things you like about your crush, your favorite memory and many more! After filling up the form and submitting it, the company will mail the marriage certificate to you.

The best thing about this is that you can even marry a non-human species and same-sex character! However, you can only have one waifu.

Japanese Man marrying the hologram of Hatsune Miku and her hologram made by Gatebox

However, a thing to remember is the fact that Gatebox is a company that created a similar virtual home companion the previous year. The cost of the robot is only $3600. So one could say this could be a marketing scheme of the company.


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