Japanese Company Offers Virtual Female Models for Stock Photos

The models in the photo below are not real, they are the result of artificial intelligence processing, but they can be used commercially by companies looking for 100 percent safe advertising solutions.

The controversial service is offered by Japanese company INAI Model, which is both an abbreviation for ImageNavi AI Model, as well as a literal translation for “model which does not exist”. Each of its “models” is based on an actual person that was hired by INAI Model and photographed. Those photos, were then processed through an AI-powered generative adversarial network and altered to the point where they no longer resembled the original. Stock photos of the AI-generated models can already be purchased from the INAI Model website.

Photo: INAI Model

The idea behind these models that don’t really exist was that humans are by definition imperfect, and companies never really know who they associate their brand with. Spokesmodels involved in controversial behavior like drug use, extramarital affairs or other scandals have been heard of in the past, but since these models don’t exist in the real world, they have no dirt to hide under the rug.

Photo: INAI Model

INAI Model will reportedly be able to process models based on used submitted images as well in the near future, but has already disclosed that no famous faces will be accepted. It also limits the use of its stock photos to the promotion of mainstream products and services, which doesn’t include ethically controversial businesses like adult entertainment.

Photo: INAI Model

The photos of INAI Model’s AI-generated models can be purchased at prices ranging from 20,000 to 33,000 yen ($185-$305), depending on resolution. All current models look to be in their 20’s, but the Japanese company has already announced that it working on some older-looking models as well.

Photo: INAI Model

AI-generated models have been present in the live news-broadcast business as well, for quite some time. Last year, Chinese media company SINA showcased several realistic-looking AI-powered news anchors set to one day replace their human counterparts.


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