Japanese condom company’s anime “Condom Battler Goro” teaches safe condom use

Okamoto Industries, Inc. is the largest condom maker in Japan. Their condoms are famous not only domestically, but also abroad.

However, in recent years, they have been concerned by the alarmingly poor “condom literacy,” the awareness and understanding of correct condom usage among young Japanese people. This issue has recently come to the fore during the novel coronavirus pandemic. According to a report in the Japan Times, one consultation center in Kobe saw inquiries about unwanted pregnancies double in March, with 70 percent coming from teenage students. Part of the problem is insufficient sex education, which includes understanding of how to use contraceptives.

As one way of tackling this issue and spreading the message to young people, they came up with the idea of creating a series of animated videos, in a light-hearted, humorous retro style which parodies older battle anime.

The end result: “Condom Battler Goro.”

The cast
Goro (Age: 24)

An honest young man who was separated from his father as a child, then raised by his mother and grandfather. Although he hesitated to fight and lacked confidence at first, with the support of his friends and teachers, he developed into a great Condom Battler who is aware of his responsibilities. His condom of choice is 0.01 mm.

Miku (Age: 24)

Goro’s childhood friend and always the popular girl. Since her older brother was injured and forced to retire as a Condom Battler, she was initially against Goro becoming one too. She has feelings for Goro but has half given up on him because he fails to notice. To cover her weakness which is setting speed, she uses a condom that can be worn by pulling a ribbon.

Hayato (Age: 24)

Goro’s best friend. Although he’s always goofing around, he takes good care of Goro. At first, when Goro just became a Condom Battler, he was satisfied with being a battle commentator, but Goro’s efforts inspired him to become one himself, so he joined him for the professional license exam. He uses a very thick condom, but no one asks him about it, nor do they feel the need to because he always carries around a BIG BOY as a spare.

Videos with episode scripts

Okamoto made four videos in total, and in their press release, they were kind enough to provide a script for each one, which we’ve included below each video so you can follow along.
The four videos are framed as episode highlights, each one 56 seconds long, although Okamoto didn’t actually make the full episodes they refer to. Each story introduces a “lesson” relating to safe condom use.
Note: English translations are ours.
Episode 1: “Condom Battler Goro Is Born”
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