Japanese Elementary school student creates amazing Infinity Fortress from Demon Slayer in Blender

Students in Japan have been dealing with ongoing school shutdowns due to the coronavirus in creative ways, such as reorganizing a canceled graduation ceremony via Minecraft, but son of Japanese Twitter user DecoponMAGI (@XenoXss) seems to have set a very impressive bar with their latest stay-at-home project.

An elementary school student currently staying at home from school shut down, DecoponMAGI’s son used skills he taught himself from watching opensource 3DCG creation software Blender on YouTube to make a stunning recreation of the Dimensional Infinity Fortress from hit anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

DecoponMAGI shared on Twitter that “this is the Dimensional Infinity Fortress my son staying home during school shutdown made by mostly learning how to use Blender from YouTube lessons. He originally wanted to to draw Demon Slayer pictures but the backgrounds were too difficult so he decided to do it in 3D. The background ended up being even more amazing…”

DecoponMAGI’s son first started using Blender last year at 10-years-old, showing some awesome talent by creating a 3D model of an original character DecoponMAGI drew.

The creative elementary school student is showing no signs of slowing down in design, drawing up awesome Demon Slayer illustrations on their iPad as well as designing clothes in Animal Crossing!

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