Japanese Furniture Maker Unveils the Ultimate Gaming Bed

Bauhutte, a Japanese retailer who specializes in furniture designed for gamers, recently launched what many are calling the ultimate gaming bed – a crazy contraption that includes a mattress, an elevated headboard, a desk, snack holder and even a flexible smartphone holder.

If you’ve been asking yourself what the best solution for gaming was, a normal desk or a standing one, the right answer is neither. In fact, after feasting your eyes on Bauhutte’s amazing gaming bed, you won’t even be considering desks anymore. Why sit or stand, when you can lie down, relax, and even enjoy a tasty snack without bothering getting up. That flexible smartphone holder even allows you to text or surf the web while lying down. If you hate ending a gaming marathon because of a pesky back ache, this bed is certainly a solution worth considering, if you can afford it…

Photo: Bauhutte

“I wake up and move from my bed to my desk. Why is that so complicated? Gaming beds solve this problem,” a Google translated description of the Bauhutte gaming bed reads. “As soon as you get up, you can watch a game or animation and realize a life cycle of falling asleep without difficulty. ”

Photo: Bauhutte

So if you’re one of those people who basically live in internet cafes or in their mothers’ basement playing video games all the time, now you can at least be comfortable.

Photo: Bauhutte

Interestingly, the complex-looking ensemble is actually made up of various accessories that Bauhutte sells separately as well, like a one-person bed, the snack holder, and even a “gaming blanket”. But if you want the whole shebang, you’ll have to cough up around $1,100. That’s actually not too bad for the ultimate gaming bed, is it?

Photo: Bauhutte

For more cool gaming furniture, including a tent-like “gaming camp”, check out the Bauhutte website.

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