Japanese Hotel Offers Rooms for $1 a Night if You Let Them Livestream Your Stay

A hotel in Fukuoka, Japan is offering its rooms to guests for an unbelievable price of less than a dollar per night — albeit with one tricky catch.

Business Ryokan Asahi, located in the city’s Chuo ward, charges 100 yen ($0.92) for a regular, Japanese-style room with basic living amenities.

The deal begins to make sense when guests learn that they must give up their privacy, consenting to a 24-hour livestream.

Their stay will be aired on the hotel’s official YouTube channel, which currently has 3,000 subscribers.
Business Ryokan Asahi, also known as the “One Dollar Hotel,” equips its rooms with a tatami floor, sleeping mats, a TV set, a coffee table, and a kettle.

Meanwhile, a tablet situated in the middle of the room films the experience.
While the stay will be caught on camera, no audio will be recorded.

As such, guests can still talk to each other and take phone calls without worrying about anybody eavesdropping.
The hotel also bans “lewd acts” such as nudity, masturbation and other sexual activities, which go against YouTube’s policy.

That being said, guests can change clothes in the dressing areas of shared bathrooms, which are obviously out of the livestream’s reach.

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