Japanese Man Goes To Social Media To Search For The Owners Of The “Puppy” He Found, Finds Out It’s Not A Puppy After All

Surprises are something we don’t expect to see⁠—that’s why they’re surprises. Well, this person got a surprise and a half. Twitter user @marcy_com recently stumbled on a rare find he didn’t see coming. One fateful day, while he was on National Route 275, he found a cute puppy beside the road, all by herself. She appeared too young to take care of herself, so he called her Luna and made a decision to take her under his wing. For a while, at least. He responsibly decided to look for her owners on social media.

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That’s where the unexpected half of the surprise really begins. Though no one claimed to be the owner of the puppy, the account buzzed with replies and reactions. Inarguably, Luna looks like a cute cub, so people commented mostly on that.

This tweet was translated using Google translate. The original tweet can be found here.

Article Source: Boredpanda

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