Japanese Restaurant Always Gets Orders Wrong Because They Hire Waiters With Dementia

A pop-up restaurant in Japan has been making headlines for their unique concept of hiring waiters with dementia.

Located in Tokyo’s Toyosu District, “The Restaurant Of Order Mistakes” was open for a trial period from June 2 to June 4.

It’s premise is that staff members who suffer from dementia may get your order wrong, according to Mamoru Ichikawa of Yahoo! Japan.

Mizuho Kudo, a food blogger, praised the restaurant after her visit. She ordered a hamburger and was slightly disappointed, but relieved that her order was correct. Her friend however, didn’t get the order she wanted and was served dumplings instead.

However, Kudo thought the food was delicious and had a great time interacting with the waiters, who seemed to enjoy working there.

The purpose of the restaurant is to help people better understand those who suffer from dementia and how they can function in society.

After the success of the trial period, organizers are planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign to have another pop-up event for World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21.

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