Japanese wife creates izakaya pub at home during coronavirus outbreak

When your husband can’t go out to the izakaya during a pandemic, you bring the izakaya to him.

When people in Japan want to kick back and relax with friends over a meal with some drinks in a casual setting, they head to an izakaya. These tavern-like restaurants, which range from big-name chains to small hole-in-the-wall establishments, can be found all around Japan, and while they’re hugely popular on any given night, the government is now asking people to stay away from them to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

▼ Izakayas fall into the “Three Cs” category that the government has been warning about.

Foregoing a drink with friends at an izakaya is one of the many unfortunate yet understandable changes people are having to make to their lives right now, but one Twitter user in Japan recently showed you don’t have to sacrifice all the fun of the izakaya whilst staying indoors — if you’re lucky, you can bring the izakaya to you instead.

Twitter user @miansanFP showed us how with this tweet, which read:

“I asked my wife if it would be okay if I went out for drinks seeing as it was the weekend, and she said no because of the coronavirus. I obediently went home, and when I got there, this menu was waiting for me. As always, my wife is just too adorable.”

The menu is beautifully handwritten with an impressive variety of options to choose from. At the top right is a cute image of blue penguin holding a sign that says, “Welcome to Izakaya Belltree. Open: From the time you get home. Close: Last order around 10 p.m.”

On the top left is the drinks menu, which lists the following beverages: Beer; Mikan Sour; Peach Sour; Shikwasa Sour; Grapefruit Juice; Green Tea.

▼ Drinks are a vital part of any night out at an izakaya.

Underneath the drinks menu is the Food Menu, with the “Speed Menu” consisting of the following items: Edamame (regular or grilled); Rolled Omelette Cooked with Dashi Stock; Crunchy Daikon; Spicy Bean Sprouts with Sesame Dressing; Peanuts and Rice Crackers; Cream Cheese and Crackers; Almond Chocolate.

▼ Because sometimes you want to start eating and drinking the minute you walk in the door.

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