Japan’s Artist Makes Realistic Creature Inspired Handbags and other Accessories That Look Real (26 Pics )

Japanese artist Amanojaku to Hesomagari has a superpower. They create leather accessories that look like animals from around the world, and it’s crazy how accurate they look. Pouches, bags, bracelets, you name it, Amanojaku does it all. Even though all of them are masterpieces, the insect ones with their myriads of legs and shiny armor really do stand out. So continue scrolling, enjoy the creatures and who knows, maybe they’ll cure your entomophobia.

“Before becoming an artist, I studied cognitive neuropsychology at graduate school,” Amanojaku to Hesomagari told Japan Insides. But they began teaching themselves sewing and found themselves naturally drawn to the animal kingdom. “There are so many unknown animals in the world. And there are many animals that are hated unfairly, too. Through my work, I am trying to show people how charming they are.”

The artist said they can spend nearly a month working on a single piece. “Small ones can take me up to 3 days, while large works sometimes last 3 weeks.” However, it’s not just sewing. Amanojaku to Hesomagari also teams up with other professionals to make her creatures as close to their real-life counterparts as possible. “I am extremely grateful to the researchers and [nature] photographers who teach me about all the animals I’m interested in.”

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