Japan’s Most Famous Cosplayer Breaks the Internet After Doing Swimsuit Photoshoot

Enako, who has been widely regarded as Japan’s “Number One Cosplayer” for her brilliant take on a variety of characters, has apparently expanded her popularity beyond the otaku community.

Even when she’s not dressing up as popular anime/manga characters at events, the 24-year-old social media darling is still attracting large crowds at events

According to Soranews24, Enako’s fans adore her so much that they have been coming in droves to non-cosplay events just to see her being herself.

In fact, thousands of fans went to see her in the 2019 Visual Queen Photo Shoot, an annual gathering of major swimsuit models that was recently held at Toshimaen Pool in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward.

Enako participated by modeling three different swimwear designs, even switching hairstyles for her last swimsuit set.

Enako revealed a year ago that she earns about $2,000 per hour by flaunting her good looks while wearing outfits that attract her legions of fans. Her revenue mostly comes from modeling sessions, cosplay events, video live streaming, and donations from her followers.

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