Keep Your Baby Warm With These Super Adorable & Realistic-Looking Crepe Blankets

Japanese online shopping site Creema recently generated buzz when one of its sellers, uhuhu, started selling super adorable and realistic-looking crepe blankets designed for babies.
If you are a sucker for all things cute especially when it comes to your baby, you will love these crepe blankets as much as us.

Regardless of whether you prefer sweet or savoury, uhuhu has got you covered with its two kinds of crepe blankets – fruits and sandwich.
Keep your precious baby snug and warm with these blankets that are not only practical but will also make great props when you take photos to document your child’s growth!

The sweet crepe comes with pillows in different kinds of fruits like strawberry, kiwi, banana and even whipped cream.

For the savoury crepe, you can expect to find all the ingredients needed in a classic sandwich such as a fried egg, ham, cheese and lettuce.

Wrap your baby in your preferred crepe blanket and have a blast shooting as many photos as you want! Prices range from 16,500 – 23,980 JPY (~SGD 212 – 308) depending on the number of pillows included. The price tag is indeed steep but the cuteness definitely makes up for it!

Unfortunately, these crepe blankets are not available for international shipping but if you have friends living in or travelling to Japan anytime soon, you could perhaps get their help to bring it back. Check out the blankets on the Creema website here.

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Source: Girlstyle

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