Kyushu, Japan hit by Heavy Rain as death toll rises 49

The Weather Department informed the highest rainfall warning to Fukuoka, Nagasaki, requesting people to take care of themselves and protect themselves from heavy rainfall. The Kyushu area has been hit by heavy rainfall resulting in the heavy loss of infrastructures, utensils, death of people and serious illnesss.

More than 80 schools were closed in Kumamato Prefecture. The electricity has been cut off, the life of people has been worst. The Co of Kyushu Electric power said that, ” Almost 4000 Homes were continued without electricity in the area. He also added that, if the situation gets worst, they will cut the electricity of more number of houses. The level of water is rising to its pick and if it continues, the neighboring cities would face heavy loss as well.
Below are some of the lively photos of the area:

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