Life in Lockdown: Working at Home with a Shiba Inu

As of March 2020, more and more companies across Japan are asking their employees to either change the time they commute to work or to cut out transport altogether and work from home due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Whilst people adapt to their new lives as teleworkers, children and pets across the nation are also having to adjust to seeing more of their favourite people.

We’ve met Ringo-kun before, he’s a Shiba Inu living in Mie Prefecture who enjoys sharing toys with his little human sister. More recently, Ringo-kun’s life has begun to change, as his owner (@ringoro119), has begun to work from home. Despite the change in daily conditions, it is safe to say that Ringo-kun has taken well to sharing the whole day with his owner.Ringo-kun has begun to seek his owner’s attention whilst he tries to work, by playfully placing his head upon his arm as his master attempts to work from his personal computer.

This makes teleworking a little more challenging, however, he can’t help but appreciate Ringo-kun’s happy expression that his owner is staying home.

If you thought juggling work with a shiba inu was hard enough, his owners also lives at home with his one-year-old daughter, and when his daughter and Ringo-kun gather together teleworking easily becomes nigh-on impossible…

It seems that the two team up together on purpose to throw a cute attack on him.
Ringo-Kun is not a complete stranger to his owner working from home, as it happened quite frequently when he was just a pup.
Here is snap of Ringo-kun relaxing upon his owner’s knee as he attempts to get some work done.

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