Nintendo Comes To The Rescue After 95-Year-Old Grandma’s Game Boy Breaks

The Asahi Shimbun reported how 70-year-vintage Kuniko Tsusaka’s 95-year-old mother changed into given a present day Game Boy by way of Nintendo.

The tale changed into published in the newspaper and has seen a number of attention.
Tsusaka explained that her mother turned into a massive Tetris fan and would select up the device and play it throughout the day. When her mother’s health started out to fail, her Game Boy tragically broke on the identical time. While this was her 0.33 Game Boy, Tsusaka wasn’t capable of find a replacement, and no shop should restore it either.

Tsukasa’s grandmother wrote a letter to Nintendo, sending them her broken tool.

Within every week Nintendo replied, imparting a brand new Game Boy and desires for an extended and glad life. In their letter, Nintendo explained how they didn’t have the parts to restore the broken Game Boy, however they had a brand new one in a warehouse, which is the one they sent with the letter. Needless to say, Tsusaka’s mother changed into extremely joyful and capable of play Tetris on her fourth Game Boy till she exceeded away at the age of 99.

Tsusaka still praises Nintendo for their “divine” customer service.

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