Otter-ly adorable Tokyo Banana Racco coffee milk cakes are now selling online

If you’ve ever gone through Tokyo Station or stopped by a gift shop at any other major station in the Tokyo area, chances are you’ve seen Tokyo Banana. These sponge cakes shaped like cute little bananas and filled with banana cream have been around since 1991 and are very popular with foreign tourists and domestic tourists alike.

Last fall, Tokyo Banana came up with an even cuter addition to their lineup, borrowing the appeal of the lovable sea otter and adding coffee milk flavor to the banana cream for a delicious taste sensation.

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Resting on its belly, the otter can be seen holding an old-fashioned bottle of coffee-flavored milk just like the ones you’ll often find sold at public baths or hot spring resorts, traditionally enjoyed after a good soak.

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Thanks in part to its adorable design, Tokyo Banana Racco Coffee Milk (らっこ racco being the Japanese word for sea otter) became their top-selling product only one week after it was released.
Available online only in June

Now, out of consideration for the ongoing threat of the novel coronavirus, Tokyo Banana has decided to make these popular cakes available on their e-commerce site, which means you’ll be able to have them delivered to you (if you live in Japan) right to your doorstep, with free delivery anywhere in Japan.

The mellow taste of banana and the nostalgic aroma of coffee milk from a bottle combine in a delicious custard cream, enveloped in a fluffy sponge cake.

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In-store availability

For those who are out and about in the Tokyo area, now that the emergency status has been lifted, you’ll be able to pick up Tokyo Banana Racco Coffee Milk at JR Tokyo Station, Shinagawa Station, Daimaru Department Store Tokyo, Tokyo Solamachi at Tokyo Sky Tree, and other locations.

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Product Information
Box of 4: 560 JPY, Box of 8: 1,080 JPY (including tax)
Online store
(Japanese only)
Available until June 29th, 17:00 (JST)

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