Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen Singer Pikotaro Releases Handwashing Version for Coronavirus Awareness

For better or worse, Japanese celebrities are getting involved in the global effort to fight the coronavirus pandemic, most notably through messages intended to raise awareness about COVID-19 and how to avoid it. For example, last month, 13 popular fashion models, actresses and TV personalities made a coronavirus awareness video at the behest of Japan’s health ministry. Legendary rock musician Hyde used his considerable influence to encourage social distancing in comments on his Twitter account.

Now, Pikotaro, the Japanese musician famous for releasing the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen song, has jumped into the fray, releasing a new version of PPaP with a handwashing theme:

In the new version which, as the artist admits on the video description, was put together in haste, “pen” and “apple” are replaced with “hand” and “soap,” followed by the refrain “wash, wash, wash.”

Subtle it is not, but at least it sends a strong message promoting one of the best-known strategies (other than social distancing) for averting a coronavirus infection.

And for those who were wondering how the song could still be PPAP, Pikotaro concludes with the message “Pray for People And Peace.”

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