Silent Tokyo’s First Weekend under State of Emergency

Tokyo including six other cities have entered into thier first weekend of State of Emergency which has been effective. Around 190 cases were found positive in Tokyo on Saturday.

The number of infected people topped all the previous datas but having said that Japanese Government is trying their best to control the infection created by COVID-19. We JapanInformer team are always in support of our government and we would like to request our followers to support the governement and follow the rules and regulations made by them.

The lack of people in one of the Japanese capital’s major transport hubs was further demonstrated by a timetable screen at the Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal which showed the majority of scheduled buses had vacant seats.

Atsushi Ushijima, a 52-year-old from Ishikawa Prefecture who manages a rental car-related business, said that the declaration has prompted many people to leave urban areas, meaning more rental cars than normal are being dropped off in regional areas.

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