State of Emergency Declared again in Hokkaido, Japan

Northernmost main island of Japan has declared State of Emergency once again to prevent its citizen from getting infected with rising Corona Virus. On the other side, 190 new positive cases were found in Tokyo.

While Hokkaido wasn’t covered in the state’s declaration of an emergency, the prefectural government and the municipal government of Sapporo, the prefectural capital, issued a joint emergency declaration following reports of double-digit increases in infections for the fifth straight day.

“We are facing a crisis of a second wave in the spread of (the coronavirus) infections,” Hokkaido Gov Naomichi Suzuki told reporters, asking residents to refrain from making nonessential outings.

Hokkaido had declared its own state of emergency on Feb. 28 ahead of the government and lifted it on March 19, citing signs that the coronavirus spread was abating in the prefecture, a popular area for both Japanese and foreign tourists.

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