Stray Cat Manga’s Satisfying Twist Ending

Regardless of whether you’re a cat lover or not, (though if you clicked on this story I bet you are) you’ve certainly come across 野良猫 (nora neko) stray cats in Japan from time to time.

The Japanese language school I attended for a while was known for its “neko kaidan” where stray cats would gather and laze around waiting for naïve students to show up with treats.

If you’ve ever wondered what the life of a stray cat is like, well today you’re in luck.
Manga artist Yuri Sonoda is known for her various illustrated stories such as『きつねくんと先生』(Little Fox and Teacher).

She recently shared a new story on Twitter and it’s become quite popular, with over 170,000 likes at the time this article was written.
Alley Cat Boss Looks for Shelter
Our story begins with two stray cats. The boss of the alley cats is headed toward a cage when an acquaintance calls out to him, warning of a trap…

The boss cat got hurt badly in a fight and was worried about surviving the winter. He decided to take a chance and try living with humans…and his friend decided to tag along!
The nice old grandmother decided to take them both in. And just look at how cozy they’ve become.
I guess they took pretty well to domesticated life after all.

If you liked this story, you can check out more of Yuri Sonoda’s work on her Twitter (@sonoda_yuri) and Instagram (sonoda_yuri_ll)
You can also find her manga for sale on Amazon here.

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