The difficulty of teleworking when you have cats

It is no secret that working from home is a tough business, but with the current situation, it is a must for all those who can do so. For those who live with multiple family members or with children and/or pets, the house can quickly become overrun and much more lively than it usually is.

Chondria Mito (@mitoconcon, from here onwards known as Mr. Mito) lives with his wife and 5 cats. Now, just owning 5 cats may already seem like a handful, but when you have to change your daily habits and work from home, having 5 cats easily progresses from a handful of trouble to a nightmare.

One day when Mr. Mito returned home, he found his wife in a troublesome situation that he couldn’t help but laugh at. The cats had made it a team mission to stop his wife from completing any work. Try as she might, it just wasn’t possible when she was completely covered by comfortable cats.

Mr. Mito tagged the photos on twitter, “When I returned home, my wife who was working there had been crushed by cats. Teleworking is tough …”

It seems as though the cats purposefully decided to make teleworking a difficulty for Mr. Mito’s wife, as in all the photos they look like they are squinting happily.

Fans quickly took to twitter to comment and joke on the difficult situation:
“This is the harshest working environment”
“What a lucky kind of power harassment”
“I would like to work with a black company such as this”
“It’s a great way to show off your love for your owner”

The current request for employees to work from home can make life a little more difficult for us, but for our pets having their favourite owner working at home all day is the best thing ever. If we endure the challenging situation, we are sure to pull through!

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