Tokyo’s Big Stores Announces Temporary Closing, Following “State of Emergency” Rule

After PM’s declaration of State of Emergency, many stores throughout Japan are starting to announce temporary clsing. It’s found that almost 90% stores will be closed in Tokyo.

The office of Tokyo Governor Koike said that by April 10th, she will make public a list of the types of businesses and industries that the government will request to be temporarily closed; and that the companies will be asked to implement closures starting on April 11th.

Many department stores, commercial complexes, restaurant chains, sports clubs, and other retailers in Tokyo are not waiting for an official request, but have already announced temporary closures.

All major supermarket chains will be open, but some will operate on shortened hours.

Convenience Stores
All major convenience store chains like Seven Eleven, Lawson, and Family Mart will be open, but individual stores may have shortened hours at the discretion of the franchise owner.

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