Trying a Nobi Nobi Seat on the Sunrise Express | Japan’s Sleeper Train

Riding on a Nobi Nobi seat from Tokyo to Takamatsu was 15,170 JPY (138 USD). If you have a JR pass, you can ride on the Nobi Nobi seat, however you still need to reserve a seat at the ticket office.

If you carry a big luggage, it’s better to reserve a lower seat.

Sunrise Izumo is an overnight train which runs between Tokyo and Yonago, Matsue and Izumo-shi in Sanin area. This train is combined with Sunrise Seto between Tokyo and Okayama.

This train has many kinds of accommodations. One of these is called “Nobi Nobi Seat” which is not a seat but like a carpet section. This Nobi Nobi Seat is fully covered by the JR pass. This is not a regular berth and the floor is a bit hard. But you can lie on the space and it is much more comfortable than sleeping on a seat. And you have minimum privacy with a small partition between the sections.

But some of Japan Rail Pass users want to take a bedroom or another choice even though additional will be charged.

In this post, I will explain you about Sunrise Izumo with lots of photos.

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