Viral Cats That Always Try to Sneak Into Japanese Museum Now Hate Each Other

Two neighborhood cats have captured many hearts online for their adorable antics while trying to enter a Japanese museum.

A stray tabby cat called Go-chan, and a local black kitty named Ken-chan have been constantly trying to enter the Onomichi City Museum of Art in Hiroshima Prefecture but were always kept at bay by the security guards.

These attempts usually end up in hilarious standoffs that the museum documents on social media to the delight of the Japanese netizens.

In fact, the facility’s Twitter account has more pictures and videos of the persistent felines than posts about actual events taking place in the museum.
Netizens have noticed how the frequent interactions at the automatic doors have apparently developed into a form of affection between the cats and the guards standing on duty.

Unfortunately, that affection has somehow caused friction between the two cats who used to be fond of each other in the past.
As JapanInformer pointed out, Go-chan and Ken-chan have recently been observed to exhibit hostile behavior towards one another

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