Wife makes husband adorable Japanese pub menu since he can’t go out to drink

Concerns over the spread of the novel coronavirus have resulted in some creative takes on organizing scheduled gatherings (such as one university letting their students attend a graduation ceremony via robot avatars). For the most part, however, people are trying to do their part and stay home.

That means for Japanese Twitter user and husband MianFP (@miansanFP), bar hopping is a no go. Fortunately, he has a very understanding and clever wife. He recently shared the following Tweet and accompanying charming picture.

“Since it’s the end of the week, I asked my wife if it was OK to go out for a drink. She told me I wasn’t allowed to because of the coronavirus situation. I quietly accepted it and when I got home, she had left a menu out for me. As expected she’s just too cute…”

The menu is decorated with a cute mascot advertising the household izakaya (a Japanese style pub) by the name of “Free Drunk”, which has an opening time of when MianFP gets home and a last order of roughly 10:00 pm. The menu offers beer, a variety of sours, and quite a bit of Japanese pub fare such as edamame, omelettes, wieners, french fries, and salad.

Right now one of the most important basic steps people can do as a countermeasure to the pandemic is to stay home and not congregate in bars, but it looks like MianFP can avoid that thanks to his lovely bartender wife!

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