Fans Are Worshipping Golden Statue Of Tokyo Revenger’s Mikey In Japan’s Exhibition

The Tokyo Revengers exhibition taking place from January 29th through February 14th in the World Import Mart Building Exhibition Hall A in Ikebukuro Sunshine City, Japan, revealed the huge gold statue depicting Sano Manjiro, also referred to as “Mikey”.

One of your best anime from 2021, Tokyo Revengers, is having its own’s exhibition in Japan from the 29th of January till Valentine’s Day, i.e. 14th of February. The site of this exhibition is World Import Mart Building in Ikebukuro. The figure is based on the famous reclining posture of Buddha’s statue that is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

A prayer service was held, where people prayed to Mikey’s statue to ensure security at the Tokyo Revengers Exhibition.

In the manga section, you will find the photoshoot location to take a ride on the bicycle with Mikey. An image of Mikey riding a bike, fans of Japan will not skip this chance.

Actors also wear a 3D exhibit, costume, and motorbikes in the live-action film. The main attraction to everyone’s is at the end section, where the audience can witness a grand statue of our favourite gangsta Mikey.

Tokyo revengers exhibition

Tokyo Revengers anime is based on the same name manga from the author Ken Wakui which was published in Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2017. The anime came out in 2021 through Liden Films. The 2nd season of Tokyo Revengers is set to air. The show also received an action live-action film made available in Japan in July 2021.

Tokyo Revengers exhibition


Source: Anime.ti

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