Japan’s Dolphin Meat Contains Mercury Levels up to 100 Times the Safe Limit, Tests Show

Marine conservation group, Action for Dolphins (AFD), has lodged a complaint with police in Japan, demanding the removal of ‘toxic’ dolphin meat from sale. A recent test carried out by a Japanese laboratory found that a sample of Risso’s dolphin offal exceeded the government’s recommended safe level of mercury by up to 97.5 times, while … Read more

A Japanese waitress was fired for adding her own blood to cocktails she served

A waitress at the Mondaiji Con Cafe Daku in Sapporo, Hokkaido was fired after it was discovered that she had added her own blood to cocktails she served to unsuspecting customers. The cafe, whose name translates to ‘Problem Child Concept Café’, issued an apology for the incident. Earlier this month, the cafe took to Twitter … Read more

This Japanese Hotel Has A Beer Tap In Rooms And Offers Free 10-Litres of Craft Beer!

Japanese Hotel With beer Tap In Rooms

It’s always lovely to stay in the hotel and find that the facilities include an assortment of beverages waiting within your rooms. It could be a packet of readymade coffee, tea bags, or the available bottled water that will quench your thirst; these complimentary items are always welcome. However, there’s a place in Japan that … Read more

Japanese Researchers Create Chopsticks That Simulate Taste Of Salt Without Using Salt

Japanese researchers have created chopsticks that enhance flavor and saltiness without needing to add salt. According to researchers, this can be highly beneficial to those on a diet low in sodium and provide a critical flavor.  A small electrical current, almost insignificant, transfers sodium ions from food items to the mouth through the chopsticks to … Read more

Bake-Off Japan Is Here To Treat Everyone With Delighful Pastries

The Great British Bake Off is an extremely well-known show in the UK, running for the past decade and still fascinates people worldwide with its tasty delights. With the numerous spin-offs that have been aired internationally in the past year, there was speculation of a Japanese variation of Bake Off that would crop up And … Read more

Japanese Onigiri Artist Turns Your Generic Rice Into Exceptional Characters

Onigiri aka Riceballs! It’s an extremely popular Japanese snack you can never go wrong with. The traditional onigiri is either shaped like a triangle or cylindrical. However, one Japanese food artist has brought a new twist to the popular snack. Known on Instagram as the ‘Onigiri Gekijo’ translating to riceballs theatre, the exceptional food artist … Read more

Japanese Snack Company Apologizes For Finally Increasing 2-Yen On Umaibo’s Price After 47 Years Of Production

The Japanese Internet buzzed with a rumor earlier this week about snack maker Yaokin’s plans to increase the price of its most beloved line of crunchy munchies. It’s a popular product that is loved by both young and old. Such a decision would have significant national-level consequences. Yaokin confirmed that the rumors were true and … Read more

Japanese Artist Creates Amazing Felt Sculptures That Look like Little Cute Loaves Of Bread

Artists from all over the globe have created beautiful sculptures that resemble actual food items and sodas, diverse kinds of birds, and even woodland creatures. Today, Hiroshima-based artist Atelier Hatena celebrates the irresistible charm of freshly baked loaves of bread through a series of delicate felt creations. From a deliciously crispy croissant to golden baguettes, … Read more

Japanese Sculptor Creates Amazing Fish Sculpture Out Of Broccoli

Japanese artist Gaku ( @gaku_carving) has been captivating many recently with his beautiful work crafted using the art of Thai fruit carving. Gaku typically applies their knife to the fruit to create stunning intricate and elaborate carvings, but recently, they wowed people with an incredible falcon sculpture made from broccoli. Gaku’s choice of broccoli as … Read more

British Government To Lift The Decade-Long Ban On Import Of Japanese Farm Products

The British government has begun the process of lifting restrictions on imports of farm products from Japan as a step taken in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear accident. This could open the possibility to such imports as soon as the spring of next year. In evaluating possible health risks associated with Japanese food imports, … Read more

Domino’s Japan Wants You To Use Chopsticks For New Overflow Series Pizza

Domino’s is the most popular pizza delivery service in Japan with the highest sales, the largest stores, and the most inventive deals in the business. Always exploring new ways to get ahead of the pack, Domino’s has come out with a new and innovative idea that will make us crave pizza, and this time, it’s … Read more