Ossan Rental : Japanese Middle-Aged Men for Hire

Takanobu Nishimoto is the owner of a unique business. The Straits Times reported that the fashion expert of 50 years old created an online platform named “Ossan Rental” in 2012 from his residence in Tokyo. “Ossan” is a somewhat insulting term for “uncles” or middle-aged men. At just 1,000 Japanese Yen, the equivalent of $6.84 per hour, … Read more

Japanese Fish That Beat Pokémon Sapphire Passes Away

Japanese fish that beat Pokemon Sapphire passes away

The fans mourn the death of Lala, the fish who discovered the Pokémon glitch that no human would have within the past 20 years. With the series’ colossal popularity and accessible difficulty level, many people have beat the Pokémon video game. Therefore, a Japanese player, Lala defeating Pokémon Sapphire could not be that noteworthy…except because … Read more

Japan’s Top 3 Cat Islands

It could be excellent for you to be around cats if you’re a cat lover. However, would you believe that there are certain Japanese islands with a higher cat population than the human population? Cat and kitten faces are the cutest thing ever. Japan is renowned for its cuteness. Ehime Prefecture’s Aoshima Perhaps the most … Read more

10 Most Famous Cat Breeds In Japan

Let’s remember our feline friends who have made the internet a riot with their funny, cute videos and photos. Cats are the most notable thing on the internet. Japan has kept cats as domestic pets for thousands of years. There are close to 10,000,000 cats in Japan, making them more popular than dogs. Japan has … Read more

Japanese Study Finds That Cats Can Recognize The Names Of Their Owners’ And Other Cats

According to a new study in Japan, cats can learn and identify each other’s names from their companions. After studying 48 cats who lived with at least two other pets, scientists at Kyoto University made the discovery. The study used cognitive decoding to determine the cognitive abilities of cats. All cats were shown a photo … Read more

This Software Turns Yours Scribbles Into Anime Girls!

Software for creating 2-D characters in real-time is a game-changer for both artists and non-artists. Have you ever wanted to create your manga or anime characters but didn’t have the artistic skills necessary to make them a reality? This software is from Japan and will help you realize all your goals. スケッチからイラストをリアルタイムで自動生成する実験をしています。これまで全く絵を描いたことがない人でも、それなりのクオリティのイラストを短時間で描けるようになればいいなと考えています。次はパラメータスライダーを追加して、描いた後に画風や形状を変更できるようにする予定です。 pic.twitter.com/NgE2xFhzsh — 高坂 … Read more

IT Company In Tokyo Adopted 9 Abandoned Cats To Promote Staff’s Productivity and Office Efficiency

Cat lovers will take any opportunity to spend time with their feline friends. From offering all they own to their fur babies to sharing meals with their furry friends. If you’re a cat lover, then you’d definitely want to work at this company because it is literally cat heaven! An IT firm, Ferray Corporation in … Read more

Possible Avian Flu Outbreak Detected In Akita Prefecture!

A chicken farm in northeastern Japan, in Akita prefecture, is the first victim of the 2021 season’s first flu outbreak. The local authorities have started the extermination of 143,000 chickens, Akita’s prefectural government announced on Wednesday. The avian flu outbreak was the first time in Japan this year. After a positive test returned from the … Read more

The Closest Wolves Related To Modern Dogs Is The Extinct Japanese Wolf

According to a study that sequenced nine museum species’ genomes, the Japanese wolf was found to be closer to the ancestors of a human’s best friend dog than any other wolves. Unfortunately, the Japanese wolf went extinct more than a century ago. “I didn’t expect this conclusion at all,” said Yohey Terai, a Professor at … Read more

Japanese Aquarium Has Found A Living Salmon Sushi

If you were to visit the Japanese aquarium “Aquamarine Fukushima,” you would meet a surprising tiny crustacean that strongly resembles the trademark Japanese food; salmon sushi. Since late July, this sea animal has been up for display, but COVID restrictions forced the aquarium to close. The staff was quite upset since they wanted everyone to … Read more

Ten Things You Need To Know About Japan’s Most Loyal Dog Hachiko

You are probably familiar with the Hachiko statue. It is Shibuya‘s most important meeting place. You also probably also know something about the dog who waited patiently at Shibuya Station each day for his owner, even after his master died. Japan continues to be inspired by the story. In 2015, another statue was placed at … Read more

Niigata Has Been Invaded By Huge Mythical Creatures Made From Straw!!

If you head to Niigata a right now, you’ll find giant lions and eagles as well as crabs, spiders, and other animals made from leftover straw from the seasonal harvest. The monumental sculptures form part of the Wara art Festival — wara means “rice straw” in Japanese. This event started back in 2008 and is … Read more