This Software Turns Yours Scribbles Into Anime Girls!

Software for creating 2-D characters in real-time is a game-changer for both artists and non-artists.

Have you ever wanted to create your manga or anime characters but didn’t have the artistic skills necessary to make them a reality? This software is from Japan and will help you realize all your goals.

T. Takasaka, a talented software engineer ( @t_takasaka), created this program that automatically transforms crude sketches into beautiful images. It does it in real-time too.

You can see that even simple sketches can turn into professional-level creations. There are many options for character looks, and they can all be personalized with individual presets.

You can quickly sketch some ideas to change the hairstyle of your character.




Change the shape of their mouths



Adjust their faces…


And their eyes too!



One of the best things about this software is seeing all changes. This allows you to cut and change every detail until you get the look you want.



Takasaka says that plans are in place to add a parameter slider so you can change the style or shape of characters after they have been drawn. The software is still testing, but many people want to try it.

Many anime artists work incredibly long hours for meager pay. Programs like these may help to reduce that workload. It also opens up digital art to everyone, regardless of artistic ability.

Takasaka is passionate about making digital creation easier for everyone. He’s also working VRoid Studio, a 3-D character-production software that allows you to create your digital avatars.

That program has passed the testing phase. It can be downloaded right now and can be used immediately.However, you may have to wait a bit longer to use the real-time 2-D character creator software.


Source: Soranews24

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