Japanese Researchers Have Devised A Carbon Capture Method With 99% Efficiency

Carbon Capture method

A group of scientists led by Prof. Seiji Yamazoe from Tokyo Metropolitan University has created a new direct air capture technique that can stop carbon. A Eureka Alert press release says it can work at 99 percent efficiency. The world is transforming into more sustainable sources of energy. But the process is long-lasting, and when … Read more

6 Japanese Car Brands That Are Famous Worldwide

The Japanese are awestruck by technology and machines. It’s evident that this love extends to the vehicles they construct. In this article, we’ll focus on 6 different names of Japanese automobiles that are well-known worldwide due to the quality of their cars. Japanese cars It’s no surprise that Japan will be one of five nations producing the highest … Read more

The Wild World of Japanese Game Shows: 10 Weirdest Gems

japanese weird game shows

“Japan is a well-known country with a plethora of unique features. Additionally, Japanese game shows stand out as prime examples. The hosts of these shows often engage in the most bizarre activities, featuring odd attire adorned with flashing lights and subjecting contestants to borderline-torturous physical challenges. Furthermore, the realm of Japanese animation, known as anime, … Read more

Studio Ghibli Acquired by Nippon TV: A New Chapter in Animation History

Studio Ghibli bought off by Nippn TV

Nippon TV has purchased the legendary Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli. Studio Ghibli is renowned for creating famous films like “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Spirited Away”. This acquisition occurred after the company’s legendary co-founder and director, Hayao Miyazaki, was unable to find a successor. The board of directors met Thursday to approve the resolution that allows … Read more

Go Kart Tourist Experience: Tokyo’s Best Sights from the Streets

Go Karting in Tokyo

After Japan lifted its strict restrictions and opened its borders, Tokyo’s top tourist places have never been busy like this since forever. Before the outbreak, Tokyo’s hot tourist attractions were the highly sought-after Mario Kart tour, which ran through some legal troubles in 2020. Although the original company that organized it has ended, you can … Read more

Japanese Words & Pronunciation For Clothing

Japanese vocabulary for fashion

The global popularity of Japanese fashion attracts numerous visitors to Japan who specifically seek to immerse themselves in the distinctive cultural aspects of its clothing. If you are considering a trip to Japan to explore its fashion scene, it would be helpful to familiarize yourself with the Japanese terminology related to clothing. The following lists … Read more

The Human Toll of the Tokaimura Incident: Hisashi Ouchi’s Story

Researchers from all over the globe are always keen to learn more about radiation ever since it was first discovered and then employed as a nuclear weapon. They’ve conducted a great deal of studies to discover the impact it has on living creatures. Throughout all these years, the focus was on animals for obvious reasons. … Read more

How do you distinguish Japanese, Koreans and Chinese Just From Appearance?

Are you able to tell whether someone is from a particular nation? Most people across the globe need help figuring out what to tell between Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. To avoid embarrassing yourself by assigning someone as something they’re not, we’ll attempt to show some commonalities and distinctions between these three groups of people. Similarities … Read more

Echoes of Torture: Uncovering the Unimaginable in Junko Furuta’s Story

This chilling tale is about a 17-year-old Japanese girl named Junko Furuta that was kidnapped, raped, and tortured to hell for 44 days and then murdered with brutality by four men in 1988. The girl’s body was found in a concrete drum, and the murder trial followed, which was dubbed “the “concrete-encased high school girl murder case.” There … Read more

12 Japanese Zodiac Signs And Their Personality Traits

The Japanese system of astrology, called the junishi, originated from China approximately 1300 years ago and is just one of the numerous elements of Japanese tradition shared with the Chinese. Did you find your Japanese Zodiac Sign? Japanese Zodiac Jushini is an homage to 12 creatures (Ne, Ushi, Tora, Usagi, Tatsu, Hebi, Uma, Hitsuji, Saru, … Read more