Best 6 Ryokans In Tokyo For Authentic Experience

Tokyo is a place full of riches; five-star hotels have luxurious amenities worthy of royalty, and on the other side of the spectrum, there are budget guesthouses, including a bed and bathroom with enough amenities that make your stay pleasant but not memorable.

In addition to them, you have delicate accommodations in the form of Ryokan that show architectural styles unique to Japan. There are several Ryokan accommodation options in one of the largest and most populated cities around the globe. But, if you’re seeking an elegant experience but do not need to compromise on the authentic experience, staying in any of the 6 Ryokans we have listed below will never disappoint you.

Miyabiyado Takemine

Ryokan in Tokyo

We’ll begin with a modern-looking hotel with stunning décor. You’ll only need to glance at the exterior of Takemine Hotel’s entrance, and it’ll pass the vibe check.

The Takemine is located in a convenient place to stay in Shinjuku and is accessible via all modes of transportation. It’s a hotel with a contemporary design, but it retains an authentic feel that will make one want to visit.

Kamogawa Asakusa

Ryokan in Tokyo

Kamagowa is a popular tourist destination. Kamagowa is situated within the highly acclaimed area of Asakusa in Tokyo. This establishment is close to the gorgeous Sensoji Temple, and the “Thunder Gate,” the well-known Kaminarimon, is easy. It’s a stunning sight, especially in the evening.

The Kamagowa Ryokan has a more traditional style. It’s a little more conventional than Takemine and has mats with tatami designs throughout bathrooms and bedrooms comprised of wood. There’s no doubt you’ll enjoy the baths here!

Asakusa Shigetsu

This lovely local Ryokan isn’t too costly and is perfect for budget-conscious people in the Asakusa district. And as a plus point, you can gaze at the stunning Tokyo Skytree while relaxing in your bathtub.

Onsen Ryokan Yuen Bettei Tokyo Daita

Ryokan in Tokyo

Every step you take into this establishment will fade away your stress. This Ryokan takes its exterior and design from traditional roots, whereas the interior and furniture dazzle with modern visions.  

Regarding relaxing amenities, this place is stacked. From the gorgeous and serene hot spring bath to the spacious sauna, there are plenty of options for relaxing.

Enjoy the delicious seasonal breakfast buffet served every morning before you head out to explore one of the world’s most fascinating cities on Earth.

Ryokan Fuji

The Ryokan Fuji is not near Mount Fuji but definitely in Tokyo, located near Koiwa station. It is located to the north of Tokyo. It’s away from Tokyo’s city center compared to the previous three options, and this results in more peaceful surroundings. 



The Homeikan is among the oldest Ryokan located in Tokyo. It is situated within the Hongo district, which is considered the center of learning and Japanese cultural heritage. Its also located close to the highly regarded Tokyo University, more commonly called Todai (an abbreviation for Tokyo dai kagu).

After checking in and getting your slippers, you’ll notice the wooden construction while being escorted to your reasonably large room. The quality of the futons will guarantee you a good sleep, and you’ll even be provided with a matcha tea set. Enjoy the Yukata, the baths, and the classic Washoku Japanese breakfast during your stay. 


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