New Pokémon Converse All Stars Designed For Both Kids And Adults

Converse has once again done it! The Japan department of the company keeps making announcements with unique limited-edition pop culture and anime-themed footwear and accessories that represent the franchises such as Kirby, Hello Kitty, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and this spring, they’re teaming up with Pokémon to develop ten amazing shoe designs for kids and adults alike.

A total of six layouts for the All-Stars child’s shoes with Pokémon Collab are available, featuring everyone’s favorite Pikachu, our cute furball Eevee, clumsy Piplup, and mysterious Mew. The Pokémon have the high-top style with the velcro strap across the tongue, in the color scheme that represents its character. Pikachu’s color hue is yellow while that of Eevee is brown, Piplup’s a baby blue while Mew’s black.

Each pair comes with two different designs of the Pokémon on the heels, So there’s any doubt about the fact that your children will be thrilled!

pokemon shoes allstars converse

An old-fashioned Converse ankle patch that is holographic is also a feature on the high-top shoes for kids. Depending on what direction you’re looking from, it’s changed to an All-Star logo with the names of Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, or Master Ball to match the color of the shoes.

The two other shoes from the All-Star Light Children’s Pokémon collection are sneakers with an elastic strap that goes over the tongue. They feature the most fantastic neon Pikachu style. With vibrant blue Pikachus and lightning bolts on the white or black background, These shoes are a standout! Additionally, they shine in the darkness, and who does not like this?!

The Pokeball embellished heel tab gives an excellent finishing finish to an already cool shoe.

Each of All-Star Light Child’s Pokémon shoes sells at 6600¥ (US$50.59). Their box is also a unique, colorful Pokémon-themed shoebox.

For adults, coming soon is a set of four top-of-the-line, All-Star Light Converse sneakers with their classic Canvas style. The collection includes Pikachu, Eevee, Charizard, and Mewtwo. These shoes are available in four vibrant shades and are paired with shoelaces to symbolize each Pokémon.


Even the sole is a match for the Pokémon!

Although the design is more subtle in the adult footwear, the fan service is present. The tongue of every shoe features the 8-bit Pokedex image that shows the Pokémon along with the All-Star logo.

The Japanese names of the Pokémon and its Pokedex number are printed, along with size and weight like a Pokedex. Everyone will definitely understand that you’re an avid Pokémon enthusiast!

Pokemon shoes converse all stars

These adult-specific All-Star light high-tops have started selling in April and retail for 9.900 ¥. They will be sold in a shoebox of a specific design colored in white and red just like a Pokeball.

If they are readily available, purchase them at The Converse Japan Official Shop and in retailers that sell Converse across Japan. The kid’s shoes are currently available and if you’ve got a smaller Pokémon fan, why not get one for them?


Source: Soranews24, WWD

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